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Project Update: Mister Jiu's

If you live in San Francisco and haven't heard of Mister Jiu's yet, we want to know how you manage to avoid the news and media coverage. However, if you are in the know, the name Mister Jiu's instantly brings about thoughts of San Francisco's hottest new restaurant. 

Publications like EaterSF, the SF Chronicle, SF Gate, oh and a little paper called the New York Times are all raving about different aspects of Brandon Jew's new spot- and rightfully so! Brandon Jew, the head chef and owner is an insanely talented person who brings quite a crew to China Town to deliver amazing, banquet-style Chinese food. (Take a peek at the menu.)

True Handcrafted was extremely lucky and honored to make some pieces that helped create the space on Waverly Street in the heart of China Town.

Here's a glimpse inside....

Pieces True Handcrafted Contributed:

  • Reclaimed teak table tops for the smaller side tables and long family style tables.
  • Tea-stained oak for the bar face.
  • Blackened steel frame for behind the bar.
  • And the blackened steel table brackets for the high-tops.

Our reclaimed teak finds were sourced from Cross Roads Lumber. For fun- when you do get the chance to grab a reservation, see if you can find the tables that have the old paint intentionally left on the sides of the reclaimed table tops 

We are so appreciative of the opportunity to contribute some pieces we are proud of to this sensational restaurant. 

There is no doubt in our minds that Brandon and the team at Mister Jiu's will be an incredible success.